Welcome to the game This is a unique multi-player billiards game with a completely different gameplay from other common billiards games.

Experience the unique feeling of playing billiards, defeat other enemies, and become the king of billiards games. This is a multiplayer billiards game with very fierce competition. You will participate in controlling a billiard ball on the competition table with many other players. Your goal is to move and do everything possible to push other billiard balls down the cliff and try to survive to the end. You will compete against other players on a dramatic billiards table. Plan your moves and push your opponents down the cliff or off the table. Will you become the last survivor? Good luck!


How To Play

You just need to hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to control the direction of the ball's movement. Try to knock other billiard balls off the table. Be the last survivor and win.

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