Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023

Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023

Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023 is an exciting soccer game with extremely innovative gameplay that brings unprecedented levels of excitement.

Prove you are a talented player through matches. The game has a total of four different competition modes: time mode, goal mode, knockout mode, and free kick mode. Each game mode of this game offers different gameplay mechanics and objectives.

Time mode: your goal is to get more than 1000 points by scoring in one minute.

Goal mode: there is a moving target inside the goal post, and your goal is to hit this target by the specified number. You only have a few minutes to complete this goal.

Knockout mode: you try to score at least 1800 points. If you even miss one target, you will fail, so pay attention.

Free Kick mode: you can play this mode with a friend by sharing the keyboard. Each player takes turns shooting six balls, and the player who scores the most goals wins this mode.

Master the rules of the game and start participating in competitions now. Good luck


How To Play

​Focus on aiming at precise angles, then use your mouse clicks to make a pass into the goal, successfully scoring points with each kick.

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