Red Boy And Blue Girl

Red Boy And Blue Girl

Red Boy And Blue Girl - Forest Temple Maze: Play this fire and water style game. Get past all of the traps and obstacle and reach the end of a level. You can play alone or with your friend, collect gems and try to beat as many levels as possible. 

Redboy and BlueGirl was developed by GamesSumo.

Gameplay features:

  • 50 Maps and continue update
  • Nice character red boy
  • Nice character blue girl
  • All levels are updating frequently

How To Play

Move Lavaboy and Ice Water girl by arrows and avoid obstacles

Red boy must avoid the water while Blue girl must avoid the fire

Collect gems as many as possible


  • Watch out for the traps, buttons, and levers.
  • Think carefully about your actions and which character you use.
  • Teamwork is key and you cannot complete a level without using both Red Boy And Blue Girl