Advertisement - Conquer the World is an ideal game for those who enjoy the perspective of grand-scale military conquests. By taking control of huge armies, you can capture vast lands by sending them to capture vast distances. The soldiers will go wherever you send them. Depending on your strategy, you can focus on gaining more territory or on playing defensively. It's all about expanding your rule and adding more countries to your area. That is only possible with the wisdom and bravery of a general! - Conquer the World is the latest casual game from Casual Azur Games

How to play

Start dominating the map by choosing the blue or red nation. Slowly advance through the entire world, starting from a small area. You simply need to wait until a district reaches a high enough number and then move that number to another district. Your district's center should be pushed through the map towards the area you want to attack. Your soldiers will move as your centers continue to produce new ones. Take advantage of your enemy's weaknesses by building tactics and waiting for the right moment to strike. To multiply your production rate and grow faster than your opponents, you can conquer the empty areas around your base! You can use the money you earn from your victories to upgrade your starting number, speed, and passive income. The more gifts you open, the more features you'll unlock. Customize your army as you go. Explore the realistic copy of the word and conquer it all!