Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is an excellent basketball game in which you play as renowned individuals playing against a large number of opponents from other countries. 

On sports game websites, this is the most popular sports game. There will be three options to choose from: one-player, two-player, and quick match. You can compete against other players in one of three modes. In any case, the goal of this game is to score more points than your opponent before time runs out. You can also invite your friends to compete in this fun basketball game. Attempt to steal the ball from your opponent's grasp and hit a successful shot into the opponent's hoop. Your opponent will also want to take the ball from you, so don't let him take it from you. Try to win competitions with your superb basketball abilities. Join today and you may be a winner. Best wishes!

How To Play

Player 1:

Move with the arrow keys.

To shoot/steal, use the L/X keys.

To Supershot, press the K/Z key.

To Pump/Block, use the down arrow key.

Player 2:

To move, use the WASD keys.

To shoot/steal, use the L/B keys.

To Supershot, press the K/V key.

Pump/Block by using the S key.

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